Strategic Plan First Health United Foundation

What we do and how we want to pursue our mission
First Health United Foundation (FHU) is a Dutch non-profit organization. The foundation develops new antiviral compounds based on an existing portfolio of highly active pharmaceutical molecules, that have been made available to us by our sponsor First Health Pharmaceuticals.
The First Health research group is the only research entity in the world that has developed a broad portfolio of molecular substances (human DDX3 Helicase Inhibitors) with both antiviral and antitumor effectiveness.
First Health United targets a wide range of viruses. Amongst these, research is done on the antiviral impact on the Japanese Encephalitis Virus, the Zika-virus, the West-Nile Virus and even the Ebola Virus. In this research we cooperate with a large group of university research groups around the Globe. The primary focus of our antiviral research currently is Severe Dengue. Severe Dengue is found in countries in Asia and Latin America. Since there is no effective current treatment option available to deal with Severe dengue, annually some 22.000 patients die from this disease. In some places it is therefor also the primary cause of infant illness and mortality.
How is First Health United currently funded?
The non-profit foundation First Health United is created with the mission of enhancing and promoting research in biosciences to contribute to the well-being of mankind, in particular for those countries where there is only modest commercial – but significant social and economic – potential for addressing a particular illness. The First Health Capital Investment Fund and the company First Health Pharmaceuticals from the very beginning since their origination have decided that a tangible percentage of future profits would be donated to these philanthropic goals
First Health Pharmaceuticals currently undertakes most of its activities for First Health United’s projects based on internal funding. It will continue as a primary sponsor of First Health United as part of its long-term commitment to FHU’s “Antiviruses for developing counties”’ project.
First Health United currently receives an annual funding of € 50.000 from First Health Pharmaceuticals, intended for study grants for the Dengue-project. (
Further funding by outside private individuals will be encouraged through a separate section on our website. Other ANBI organizations in this field will be invited to contribute as well. The board of FHU will actively explore opportunities for additional funding.
The foundation’s capital is kept in a separate bank account controlled by the board., Board members receive no compensation for their work for the foundation.
Where is First Health United now and what will be the focus in the future?
The current effectiveness of the antiviral compounds is already a multiple of what was achieved at the beginning of the project. Even more importantly, no toxicity has been shown in any of het very many biological tests that have been done during the past years.
Thus, the stage of basic research has been long completed. Through the cooperation within the First Health Group we can continue to offer non-profit solutions to the many challenging tropical viral infections that create such a threat to the developing countries.